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Sometimes really lovely things happen and today one happened to me.  We were very busy and at one time early this afternoon we were quite hectic.   A customer named Bridgette who was in the shop at the same time as another who. as far as I could guess from her ‘Air’ remark, believed she did not receive the attention she should have had, or as quickly as she wanted.   After Bridgette left with her purchase, a gorgeous linen dress (she is featured wearing it on our Facebook Page) she returned sometime later with these, because she said ‘You had been upset’.

I love being a retailer in Herne Bay and am very proud to be part of the town’s renaissance, but the biggest buzz I get are from my wonderful customers, many of whom have become personal friends.   Occasionally, there is the odd ‘ Off’  one , but mostly they are fabulous, just like Bridgette, whose gesture, I must admit really touched me. Thankyou Bridgette,  I have taken the flowers home and smile each time I look at them. 

On another happy note, it’s great to see new restaurants springing up, with more to come in the future, I understand.  I have duly appointed myself Herne Bays’ very own food critic, along with my partner in crime, Heather McPhee.   The Cow Shed is gaining a good reputation and we certainly enjoyed our recent meals there.   We are fast becoming known for our fine eateries and I hope like other seaside towns where there is a high concentration of restaurants within close proximity of each other, ours  will prosper on the back of it.

When I  began trading in Herne Bay just over five years ago, Maison Classique was unique in the area, in fact I knew of no other shop quite like it anywhere to be honest and that’s why we were so successful.  We sold up-cycled painted furniture, objet d’art, home accessories and women’s’ fashion, the premises being large enough to accommodate the diversity of products, which became very much in demand.   In its heyday, painted furniture sales formed the largest part of our turnover, but today we concentrate more on fashion, accessories, Objet d’art and the unusual.  In order to retain our uniqueness, we are compelled to metamorphose periodically and I hope you approve of what we are currently doing and the changes we are making.  Come in and have a peek, there’s some lovely stuff hanging on them there rails and loads of interesting treasures can be found in the crooks and nannies (in the words of Linda Sheppard)! 

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Going on from my last blog Hooray The Bay when I said that names would not be named, well…….how can I not say thank you to the wonderful guys at BAYPROMO who somehow have managed to do the impossible by getting the RED ARROWS, no less, to perform in our little town’s airspace.  What an absolutely incredible achievement in everything you have done to make this happen.  Us mere mortals can only sit, open-mouthed in wonderment.  On behalf of all those who will benefit from you efforts THANK YOU.


Hooray The Bay

Linda Cameron Maison ClassiqueI've been aware for some time now that Herne Bay has an enormous amount of volunteer groups.  Even with this knowledge, when I attended the Business & Regeneration exhibition at The Kings Hall on Wednesday, I was really overwhelmed by the amount of effort individuals and groups of people put in for the benefit of the town.

I have lived in various places since leaving London in the 1980s and have always taken a keen interest in the area I had adopted as home over the years.  Maison Classique was created in 2010 and I have seen a gradual, but dramatic change in the town since I began to trade and live here.  When I first arrived, this little place was much maligned and was seemingly considered extremely lowly by outsiders, in comparison with the trendy Whitstable (from whence I came before moving here) and the historic Canterbury.   Local apathy also contributed to the impression that we were second rate.  'That won't work in Herne Bay' and 'The Council are only interested in Whitstsble and Canterbury' were just a couple of examples of  remarks I heard on a regular basis.  Well look at us now is what I say!  The Herne Bay renaissance is well and truly under-way. 

I don't want to name names because I may offend if I leave anyone out, but those marvellous people who have given their time tirelessly and consistently (you guys know who I mean) should give themselves a huge pat on the back.  I am one retailer, I suspect amongst many, who acknowledge and am grateful for their tremendous efforts in helping to put Herne Bay back on the map for all the right reasons, making it a more attractive and interesting place to visit, which in turn creates more footfall into the shops, thereby improving the local economy and creating a lovely place for people to work, live and prosper.  

Hopefully, all those other lovely non volunteering  exhibitors at The Kings Hall on Wednesday appreciate the sentiments behind this blog. 




I’m sure there’s been various times when I’ve not been able to see the wood for the trees, but never more than now, my poor old shop is in turmoil, although it’s very exciting.  A huge amount of interesting Objet d’art is arriving by the van load and will soon grace its designated area in the emporium.   Because I’ve consolidated and downsized to the front area of the shop,  there are some amazing bargains to be had.  The oxblood Chesterfield is just one example of what’s on offer.   It’s in good vintage condition and I’m looking for offers over £350.

I’m hoping to give daily updates and pics during the process of the restyling process, but you’ll get a better picture and opportunity of a bargain if you’re able just to pop in.


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